Boston's Famous Wing Sauce

The wing sauce recipe evolved over a two-year period as Boston tasted and tested a combination of ingredients until he finally reached that perfect balance between sweet and hot.

The result has been a phenomenal success, as attested to by our loyal following.

You too, can now have Boston's wings in your own home with your purchase of a bottle of wing sauce.

The sauce is also great on ribs, burgers, grilled chicken breasts, or as one of our friend's back east prefers, on his eggs.

If you can't stop by the restaurant and pick up a bottle of Boston's famous wing sauce, you can now conveniently order it here online. Just enter your zip code below, click SUBMIT and place your order. We'll ship a bottle or a case directly to you. If you would like to order in restaurant-size quantity, please call 928-467-2626 for pricing. Enjoy.
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